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Brown Creek loop

Today I set out on the 16 mile Brown Creek Loop.  The loop follows Brown Creek and Little Brown Creek to their sources, essentially circling Mt. White.  I went counter clockwise climbing towards the headwaters of Little Brown Creek.  The trail is steep, climbing 4,500ft in the first 6 miles.  Just before tree line, a small meadow appeared with an incredible amount of flowers.


The trail wound higher to above tree line, maxing out around 13,000ft.  It was a beautiful day, a little wind, but sunny.

Once I got to the top, the trail followed a forest road to the edge of a lake.  It then was a very runable single track down.   I made the journey a little longer since I took a wrong turn somewhere along the way.  After 17 miles and 4,500ft of climb, I’m happy to be heading to Whiskey Wednesday at Deerhammer Distillery.

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain
05:27:39 04:58:30 17.13 3.44 16.11 4,481.63
hours hours mi. mph mph ft.


High Lonesome 2018 maps

I’ve been running and hiking different parts of the course and have found some of the trail intersections confusing.  To help out, I’ve been using some maps that I’ve created from Caleb’s GPX file.  I’ve linked to all the maps below plus I’ve added some info on a few apps that allows you to carry offline versions of the map on your phone.  If you need help, just email me at:

Link to the profile as a PDF:  HL_profile_2018_adj

Caltopo map if you want to create your own maps.

Geospatial course maps allow you to view your location on a PDF document on your mobile device without having a cell signal.

  • If you use the AllTrails app, I’ve created a customer map that can download by clicking the picture or link below.

Click here for the All Trails map

  • You can install the free Avenza app (iOS or Android) for viewing geospatial PDF course maps. Once you have the Avenza app installed, download and add any or all of the geospatial PDF course maps.  I’ve found that keeping the maps in a DropBox account is the easiest way to transfer to your device.  One recent change in the app is that the free version limits you to 2 active maps.  To make it easy, I’ve created multiple maps giving detail of the entire course.

This link will give you a NE,NW,SE,SW map for the different part of the course.  The advantage of using these is that they have a much higher resolution.

This link will give you an entire map of the course.  Note that you can use this to follow the general direction of the course, but it is not high enough resolution in most cases.

Jemez – my longest 50k ever

On Saturday, I ran the Jemez 50 again.  The course had changed this year to be closer to town since Los Alamos is so dry that it’s already been put into stage 2 fire restrictions.  The weather was warm in the morning and I started in a T-shirt.

Joe P was there along with my friend Mike and his friend Grace.

You can see all the dust in the air and this is a paved road; it was ten times worse once we got on the trail.

The first 15 miles are climbs to the ski resort.  It was getting warm, but we made it in 3 hours and 25 minutes, only 5 minutes slower than my goal.

A fresh shirt felt great.

Over the next mile, the course goes up over the double black diamond ski run.  I started to bonk with the sun beating down on me.

I should have been bombing down the big hill on the other side, but I was really slow.  Mike made it in 15 minutes before me to the aid station.

I may look OK, but I wasn’t feeling good – my feet hurt to run and I was cooking in the sun.

Mike was way ahead of me by now and had time to pose for pictures.

By the time I saw Tracy again at mile 30, I was at a crawling pace.  The race always has a choice to switch to the 50k, but normally the choice is made at mile 20 – this year, the choice was here and it was an obvious one since the 50k finish was only 2 miles away.

I’m all smiles as I crossed the finish line.

Everyone seemed happy to see me and I was happier to see them.

Cactus Rose 2017 is in the books

I ran the 50 miler this year… Mike is off on a world adventure so I ran it alone.  The weather was great-  clear and 40 degrees at the 5am start.  I felt on top of the world until about mile 32 when my body remembered that I just ran a 100 a little over a month ago.  My quads got heavy and stomach rumbled but I wanted a PR.  I was shooting for 12 hours and ended up with a 12:22.  I ended up in 13th place out of the 69 starters.  Almost an hour faster than my fastest time at Cactus.

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain
12:22:28 11:57:00 49.91 4.03 8.95 5,748.03
hours hours mi. mph mph ft.

Perfect Race Day

Jemez 50 has been completed…. I beat my goal of 15 hours by 2 minutes.  You couldn’t have asked for a better race day.  I’ll post a full video later in the week, but there are a few pictures and my Strava feed below.

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain
14:58:29 11:57:58 47.73 3.99 24.38 11,112.20
hours hours mi. mph mph ft.

This was the weather the day before the race in town – can’t imagine how deep it was on the mountain    

We had to climb this to get to the aid station

In the caldera

Tracy met me 4 different times on the course



A few races to start the year

First off, I’m selling my boat – only 252 hours on it – 22′ Cobalt – $11k.  Hit me up if any of my 5 readers know anyone that wants it (page all the way down for a picture)

I’ve been doing a lot of running lately to get ready for the Jemez race in New Mexico in a couple weeks.  That race kicked my butt last year.  This year I will be much more prepared for the 11k of climbing over the first 38 miles.  A few weeks ago, I ran the 30k Maze race…. nothing crazy fast, but I never walked during it.  Last weekend, I ran the trail marathon, Pandora’s Box of Rox on Saturday and the 30k Tangle on Sunday.   Sunday’s weather was great and even after running on Saturday we still finished in 4 hours.  Saturday was a train wreck.  At the race start, the temperature was only 75 degrees, but the humidity was maxed out.  The temperature reached 90 by the afternoon, but the humidity stayed the same.   I finished in 6:40, 65 minutes longer than my previous years time.  Funny thing was that I was still 41st out of 114

Couple of pictures from the Maze:

Couple of pictures from the Tangle:

Boat for sale:


I didn’t catch the rabbit

More to come, but after running the best 40 miles of my life (I was 75 minutes ahead of my plan); my race fell apart.  Over the next 30 miles, my stomach started churning and 13 bathroom breaks later, I pulled myself from the race at 70 miles.  I’m unsure of what I ate, but something did not agree with me.  I still will put together a video since it was a great race with an unfortunate ending.