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Cactus Rose 2017 is in the books

I ran the 50 miler this year… Mike is off on a world adventure so I ran it alone.  The weather was great-  clear and 40 degrees at the 5am start.  I felt on top of the world until about mile 32 when my body remembered that I just ran a 100 a little over a month ago.  My quads got heavy and stomach rumbled but I wanted a PR.  I was shooting for 12 hours and ended up with a 12:22.  I ended up in 13th place out of the 69 starters.  Almost an hour faster than my fastest time at Cactus.

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain
12:22:28 11:57:00 49.91 4.03 8.95 5,748.03
hours hours mi. mph mph ft.

Perfect Race Day

Jemez 50 has been completed…. I beat my goal of 15 hours by 2 minutes.  You couldn’t have asked for a better race day.  I’ll post a full video later in the week, but there are a few pictures and my Strava feed below.

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain
14:58:29 11:57:58 47.73 3.99 24.38 11,112.20
hours hours mi. mph mph ft.

This was the weather the day before the race in town – can’t imagine how deep it was on the mountain    

We had to climb this to get to the aid station

In the caldera

Tracy met me 4 different times on the course



A few races to start the year

First off, I’m selling my boat – only 252 hours on it – 22′ Cobalt – $11k.  Hit me up if any of my 5 readers know anyone that wants it (page all the way down for a picture)

I’ve been doing a lot of running lately to get ready for the Jemez race in New Mexico in a couple weeks.  That race kicked my butt last year.  This year I will be much more prepared for the 11k of climbing over the first 38 miles.  A few weeks ago, I ran the 30k Maze race…. nothing crazy fast, but I never walked during it.  Last weekend, I ran the trail marathon, Pandora’s Box of Rox on Saturday and the 30k Tangle on Sunday.   Sunday’s weather was great and even after running on Saturday we still finished in 4 hours.  Saturday was a train wreck.  At the race start, the temperature was only 75 degrees, but the humidity was maxed out.  The temperature reached 90 by the afternoon, but the humidity stayed the same.   I finished in 6:40, 65 minutes longer than my previous years time.  Funny thing was that I was still 41st out of 114

Couple of pictures from the Maze:

Couple of pictures from the Tangle:

Boat for sale:


I didn’t catch the rabbit

More to come, but after running the best 40 miles of my life (I was 75 minutes ahead of my plan); my race fell apart.  Over the next 30 miles, my stomach started churning and 13 bathroom breaks later, I pulled myself from the race at 70 miles.  I’m unsure of what I ate, but something did not agree with me.  I still will put together a video since it was a great race with an unfortunate ending.

In Steamboat, getting ready to chase the Rabbit

Who and what is the rabbit?  It’s a trail race in Steamboat Springs, CO.  This race should be the most difficult event I’ve ever done.  It runs in the mountains around Steamboat and follows about 8 miles of paved road, 68 miles of trails and the rest rough jeep roads. Total is 102.9 miles, 20,191 ft. ascent and 20,191 ft. descent.   I have 36 hours to do it.

I got to Steamboat yesterday and immediately started following the course up the ski hill.  Half way up, I got rained on as you can see from the pictures below.  I was only gone from Colorado for a week, but the leaves have really changed colors quickly.



The hill below is part of the beginning and ending climb.  There are no switchbacks in this part, it’s straight up and straight down.


On the way up the hill, I met another runner.  His name is Walt and he was also checking out the course.  We ended up meeting today and hiking another part of the course.  Coincidentally, the same trail I just left, The Continental Divide Trail, is part of the course and we hiked on it today.


More views of the colors from the course below



A little time off before returning to Colorado and the Video

First and foremost, here is 4 weeks in Colorado edited down to 12 minutes

Last night, Preston and I went to the Goo Goo Dolls and Collective Soul concert.  It was a lot of fun since it was on the grass outside the Long Center.  However, next time we’ll save the ticket price and sit on the grass a auditorium shores which is just 100 feet away.




I’m heading back to Colorado this week for the 103 mile Run Rabbit Run race.  More info to come in the upcoming days.

Leadville 100 2016


For the last 30 hours Mike and Mark ran the Leadville 100.  The race is an out and back of forest roads, the Colorado Trail, and the Continental Divide Trail.  The significant features at the end is Hope Pass.  The Pass is 12,400ft tall and very steep on the far side,  I picked Mike up there with the intention to take him pack the 50 miles.  We started climbing up Hope and Mike was struggling keeping up.



As we got near the top, the sun was setting and it was extraordinary,


I ended up hanging with Mike for only 42 miles,  He needed to move very fast at the end and my toe was hurting too much to keep up.  Mike and Mark both finished the race and were in the 334 finisher of the 650+ starters.



Mike’s Strava:

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Jim’s Strava – last 42 miles:

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain
14:08:23 08:40:30 39.92 4.60 31.54 6,484.25
hours hours mi. mph mph ft.