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Wrapping up the Summer

I’ve been wrapping up the remaining projects before Tracy comes in today.  Our master closet got an upgrade from the container store.  However, their website is really terrible and I ordered the wrong brackets for a shelf.  I called and get the new part number, and those were wrong also.  All that stuff is going back and I’ll just order another shoe shelf.

We have some artwork, but the shipment of frames were cracked.

I’ve perfected my “Campfire Salmon” over the summer.  I think I’ve found the perfect mix of vegetables, spices, and fish.

Darby and Izzy are as cute as ever.  I think they will be excited to get back to Austin, but will miss chasing all the critters here.

Everyday we do a walk along the river.  Both dogs can now be trusted to be off the leash and not get swept away by the river.

This is the view from the above the river on the other side.  Our house is just behind the hotel in the bottom right corner.

8 miles from the house is a section of the Colorado trail that climbs 2,700 ft in just over 3 miles.  I’ve climbed it a lot and have never been able to break the hour mark on the ascent.  Before my race, my best was 1:02.  Yesterday I went out and came up a minute short which really ticked me off.  Today, I went back and did it with 8 seconds to spare.  I also set a new personal record on the descent with just over 34 minutes.  The picture below is my on top looking towards Silver creek and all it’s orange Aspen trees.


We are in BV

Yesterday was a long day…. The dogs and I drove straight through from Austin to Buena Vista.  The dogs were as relaxed as ever – Darby on her bed and Izzy sleeping on the seat.

Izzy would sit up every time I slowed down to see if it was time for a break.

Darby just slept and barely opened her eyes.

In BV, I strung up a leash dog run until the fence gets put in.

We went for a walk along the River Park.  The dogs got to swim and play in two huge fenced in dog areas they put in.

End of April

Last week, Tracy had a work thing in Denver so I decided to go along.  We stayed downtown at the Ritz, and it wasn’t too shabby.   On Thursday, Mike and Tina picked me up and we went for a hike in one of the parks near the Front Range.

Way in the distance, you can see downtown Denver.

This weekend, Preston and I ran the 30k Tangle race.  Preston did great and my first two loops were fantastic, but I had nothing left for the 3rd loop.  Preston ran with a sprained wrist from football.

On Saturday, I have a trail marathon out at Reville Ranch.  This is usually a tough race, due to the exposure and warm temperatures this time of year.  However, the forecast looks promising this year.

On Monday, the dogs and I drive to Buena Vista, CO for the summer.  We are staying in the same house we rented last year.  I’m excited to climb all the 14k foot peaks in the area.  I found this cool map that shows all the summit trails.




Christmas time

Christmas is here and we had a couple trips planned.  Before we left, Tracy finally finished a massive Halloween puzzle she’d been slaving over.  It took many hours.

On the 19th, we left for Michigan to visit my mom and two days after that we headed to Philly to visit Tracy’s family.

We had a great time visiting with Barb and her happy little dog Paddy.

We stayed in a studio apartment in mom’s joint.  It’s really convenient.   There had been a lot of snow and this was the view from our window.

Paddy doesn’t get out for a lot of walks, but we took him on a few.   Barb insisted he wear his jacket in the snow.  He looked funny jumping through the snow.

We are in Philly now and the lazy Tucker dog loves to be in the center of everyone.

Tracy couldn’t see our dogs on the camera at Hip Hounds so they sent her a picture.

A week of fundraisers and now relaxation

This is my view as I write this post

We are in Cancun now, but the last two weeks in Austin were very busy.  We first started with the Safe fundraiser (merger of Safe Place and the Childrens’ shelter).  Our friend Ann was getting an award so were were her guest.

The following Friday was the Literacy Coalition’s annual fundraiser, Reading Between the Wines.  I was the board chair for the event so it was a bit stressful but the event went off very well.  We raised a lot of money and one of my students was able to give a short speech on how the programs have helped her.

Also, our CEO is moving on so the board presented her with a going away present.  The picture below that is the entire board.

Here’s Tracy chatting with our neighbors, Ryan and Katie.

Just two days later, we were are the Planned Parenthood dinner.  Tracy and I always buy a table and we thought that it would be fun to take Preston.  Here we are all dressed up for the evening.

The next morning we left for Mexico.  We are in Cancun trying out a new resort.  So far, so good.  We walked around yesterday.  Here’s Tracy in the surf in front of the resort.

I thought this gull with it’s feathers all messy looked like our dog Izzy.

We walked to the end of the point and posed for a few pictures.

A couple days on Vinalhaven

After sailing, we walked from the schooner dock to the ferry dock and went to North Haven Island.  We were met on the dock by our friends’ Chris, Jenn, and their boys.  We then took their boat a very short trip across the thoroughfare to their family home.  The picture below is actually taken when we went through the thoroughfare from the Ladona.

Here is Chris is island gardening gear.

Both of the boys

We spent the next day hiking around the island.

The evenings were spent on the porch of the house.

Sailing in Maine

We spent 4 days sailing on the Schooner Ladona in Maine.   The schooner was originally built in 1922, but two years ago was totally rebuilt with all the modern conveniences – there is hot and cold running water in each cabin, 3 heads, and even 2 modern showers.  The meals were wonderful and the weather fantastic.  We were under sail for all 3 days – the only times there engine ran were for coming and going to the dock.

We had a lobster bake on the beach.

The sunset was beautiful every night.

Hardrock 100

Preston and I drove to Silverton, CO to watch some of the Austin runners participate in the Hardrock 100 trail race.  The race does a giant circle through the mining towns in the San Juan’s.

We also went exploring on the course.  We hiked up to Island Lake to the pass the course goes over.

The following day, Preston and I hiked up to an old mine on the Bear Creek trail.  The race goes close to hear through a different canyon, with similar drop offs.


A couple of days road trip over Spring Break

Since Preston is able to drive now, we decided to load up my new truck and take a small road trip.  He drove the whole way.  We started with a drive to Colorado Bend State Park.  It’s about 2.5 hours away and is a large area on the Colorado River.

We ended up mountain biking some intermediate trails for 3 hours.  We were sore, tired, and hungry when we were finished.  Here’s a view from Strava and a couple of pictures in front of Gorman Falls in the park.

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain
02:58:56 02:38:28 14.94 5.66 21.92 731.63
hours hours mi. mph mph ft.


That night we stayed in Lampasas, Texas in a small hotel.  We had a nice dinner, watched basketball, and fell asleep to a movie.  The next day we drove to Pedernales State Park.   Traffic was backed up almost a mile outside of the gate.  We made a game time call and went to Walnut Creek Park in Austin instead.  We’ve ridden there many times, but the trails weave all directions so we always get lost.  Our sore bodies only lasted 6 miles before we called it a day.

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain
01:00:13 00:51:40 6.05 7.02 15.43 162.07
hours hours mi. mph mph ft.


Back to Mexico

We headed back to Mexico for a week.  This time we stayed on Isla Mujeres, which is a small island East of Cancun.  After a 30 minute taxi to the ferry terminal, it’s just 8 miles to the island.  It’s a small island – about 1 mile wide and 10 miles long.

This is an evening and morning view from our balcony.

Everyday was the same.  We’d head out for a walk to somewhere on the island early  morning.  Some days we’d go 4 miles, some days 8 miles…. we didn’t have a time schedule.  The picture below is a bar at the southern tip.

These are from the Eastern shore.

This is up the peninsula….  Tracy is a stray dog magnet.

This is the front door of a house close to town.

Every afternoon was spent on the beach or by the pool.  Eating lots of food and drinking nice cocktails.


One afternoon while the lady next to us napped; a large iguana jumped up between her legs.  We quietly woke her up and suggested that she crawl forward off her lounge, but not before I got the camera out.  My mom would have loved to have been there 🙂


Here’s Tracy a few minutes later feeding him.  Every day he sat on the back of the same lounge.  I guess he felt it was reserved for him.

We ate outside every night – not a bit of rain.  After dinner, we’d lounge around and enjoy the sunset, play pool, or participate in the evening entertainment.