On the way to the Monster

Preston and I left on a road trip last Friday to Jemez.   Ultimately, I’m heading to Pine, AZ for my 4th running of the Mogollon Monster 100 but a few days in the mountains of New Mexico offered me some time to acclimatize.  We took the dogs again since they are really easy in the car and love to explore new trails.

It took us a full day to get there but we got out early the next morning and climbed 10 miles of the Jemez 50 course up the backside of the ski resort and then down the slopes back to the car.  It was really hot and there was only one creek for the dogs.  We were all tired when we got back to town.

The next day Preston had to fly out, but not until 4pm and Tracy wasn’t flying in until 5pm so we took the dogs on an easier trail that followed a creek the entire way.  The creek was bordered by steep cliffs on each side which a 16 year boy couldn’t resist climbing.

All went well for the exchange of passengers at the airport and Tracy and I returned to the place we rented in Jemez for the night.  We took off the next morning and headed to Payson, AZ.


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