I’m back

First of all I’d like to thank Tracy for all the detail and commentary. She tracked me pretty well and nailed about 95% of my locations for camping.  She is amazing and I couldn’t have done this without her support!

After being calorie deficient, strengthened from climbing 2500 feet per day on average, and accustomed to carrying 40lbs on my back; I was able to knock off a lot of miles/day in the later days of the trip and got way ahead of schedule.

Yesterday afternoon and evening, I ate 4lbs of chicken and French fries and polished off a lot of beers with many of the people I met along the trail.  After getting up a 1:45am that night (Tracy nailed the time) I was dead tired and fell asleep in the Whitney Portal campground at 8pm.  This morning entailed finishing my book (for the 2nd time), cleaning out my backpack of worthless items, and eating a 2lb breakfast plus a pot of coffee :).


I packed up around 10am with my very creative sign with the words “Lone Pine” on it, and started walking down the road from the Whitney portal to the “single tree” town.  Luck would have it that the 2nd vehicle that passed was a pick-up loaded with a family from Reno that offered for me to jump in.  They drove me 11 miles (and 2,000 feet of descent) to the Lone Pine Best Western.  I must have good karma since the motel even had a clean room ready for me at 11am.  Also, they had the package of clean clothes I shipped them.

After a shower and an additional bath, I unpacked, repacked, and headed into town to the drug store for needed items such as band aids, lip balm, and hand lotion to patch all my minor wounds.   I spoke with Eddie and Chris, who were delayed by weather, so I did the logical thing and planted my butt on a stool in Jake’s Saloon to watch football and drink beer until they made it to town.

Back at the hotel now so I will end this, but expect a, as Tracy says, “studio quality” video by the end of next week with my adventures.


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