Too much work, too little leisure

It’s been a while since I updated the blog – this “work” thing is getting in the way of me being a true “man of leisure”.  Things have been busy around the house.  We decided to have all the windows and external doors replaced which has been an ordeal.  It’s taken over 6 weeks (was a 2 week schedule) and has been a pain with all the dust and construction inside the house.  Not all of the delay was the contractors issue, we’ve gotten a ton of rain and the house has settled so that nothing is square.  I’ll post some pictures when everything is finished.


Over the past few months, Preston and I have run a few races close to home.  We have done a half marathon and couple of 30k/10k’s, but this week, we are back in northern California for the 25th running of the “Shadow of the Giants”.  The bigger news is that Tracy is with us and will attempt her first trail race since she installed “Jamie Summer’s knee”.


Yesterday we went to Yosemite for a hike.  We went back to the start of the John Muir trail at Happy Isles and the three of us hiked to Nevada Falls via the mist trail.  Round trip, we walked almost 9 miles and gained about 2300 feet in altitude.  It was an absolute beautiful day and everyone felt great.


Today we are going to find an easy hike just to stay loose.  Tomorrow at 7am, the race starts.  I am doing the 50k and hope to come in close to 6 hours.  Preston and Tracy and doing the 20k.  It’s a great course and the weather is supposed to be incredible.



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