The day before

Reminder – once the race starts, you can see my progress via my SPOT:

The race starts at 6am tomorrow.  In between work calls today, I’m prepping all my gear and added a few items I wouldn’t normally have:  an umbrella and rubber gloves.  Can you guess why?  It’s going to rain.  Reality is it’s going to pour.  Forecast is for rain all during the 32+ hours I will be out there.  At certain times the forecast says 100% chance of rain.  I make fun of hikers with umbrellas, but when it’s in the 40’s in the middle of the night, I’d rather be dry than soaked.  I pasted a picture of the forecast below:


In an effort to acclimatize, I spent the night before last in Flagstaff and after my morning calls, I submitted Mt. Humphreys.  I wasn’t planning on breaking any records, but I made it from the parking lot to the summit only two minutes off my PR.  I added a couple pictures below.  The cloud cover was spectacular – the sky was completely blue except for right above the peaks.  Most of it burned off by the time I made the summit, but it was like climbing into a fog bank on the way up.  Next update will most likely be Monday or later in the week.  I will take my camera with me on the race so everyone can get a feel for the environment.  Wish me luck.




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