Front window leak

Update since the window is not fixed yet – Oct 30, 2015

A big storm hit us this morning with winds from the Southeast…  the leak was worse than we’ve ever seen it.



Thought this would make it easier for Roofcrafters to have all the history on the window leak we have in the new window.  The leak is in the dinning room window coming from above.  Not sure if the leak is in that window or the window above (it was replaced also) and the water is leaking through the wall.  The leak only happens when the storm comes from the east and the window pushes the rain against the window.


The window has always leaked since installation- the photo below is from June 25, 2014.  My description sent in an email: One big one that just popped up is the dining room window is leaking a river… I’m not talking about a drop here or there, it’s basically a faucet on low. I think it needs some major rework, a little patch isn’t going to do it.  Here is a picture of it when the rain came through this morning. Water is pouring in right of the blinds brace


Troy came out that same day and did some chaulking, didn’t solve the problem.  Description sent back on June 26, 2014: Thanks for coming out yesterday… while the caulk slowed the water flow, the towel on the inside is soaked after the rain last night. Can you please come back out and see if you can figure it out. 

Troy came the following day – unsure what he did but the rain ended for the summer so hard to tell if it was fixed.

Nov 22, 2014 – Email:  I’m sure I’m the last person you want to hear from, but the leak that Troy worked on is still flowing. I took a video of the leak to help you pinpoint where it’s coming in front.  During one of the cloudbursts today, I got 1/2 gallon of water in an hour.
I checked the window above it since Troy thought it might be seeping down, but there wasn’t much water build up on the sill.

I went on vacation, but Al came out the week we were gone:  Yes Al did make it out last week and he did silicone some areas around your window, this is probably what you are seeing.  I assume what you are seeing is on the outside, correct?  Please keep your eye on this area and if there is further leaking let us know right away so we can further evaluate.  

All spring, the window held fine.  I’m assuming it was because most of the storms came from the south or west.  Once we got the rotation coming off the gulf this weekend, the weather came from the east and the window leaked again.  Although, not the volume it did before.  I’m unsure if it’s because the storm was short lived or the leak has been partially patched.

June 21, 2015



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