Less than a day

Going to pick up my packet in an hour or so.  While on calls today, I put together my drop bag for the race.  Since this race goes through the same spot 3 different times, I only need one drop bag or in this case, drop box.

The logistics of a 100 mile race are complex.  Since I don’t have a crew and only one pacer (Tracy is meeting me at mile 87), I need to be very self sufficient.  I carefully plan out what I will need when so I can limit the amount in my pack.   I have 4 stages that I pack for:

1. What I start the race with, mainly a small headlamp, some food, and rain gear (just in case)

2. What I pick up the first time through Washington Park, mile 27 – one pole, more food, and spare water bottle

3. 2nd time through, mile 50 –  warm jacket/pants, big flashlight, hat/gloves, more food

4. 3rd time through, mile 87 – drop all the warm stuff, flashlight, and pole – load up on food and cold water

Also in my box are medical supplies, spare shoes, fresh shirts, spare IPODs, my spot, and extra food.

The secret to finishing a 100 miler is not how strong you are, it’s how well nourished you are.  No matter how  you feel, you have to keep the calories coming in.


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