Lots of stuff going on

The last few months have been very busy.  I announced my retirement in February and luckily was able to promote someone on my team so the transition didn’t have to take long.  Before I left, my team was given the presidents award for the project it spent the last year working on.

GTM winner

The weeks flew by and before long, I was given a retirement party.  Below is a great picture on me and my team.


Tracy has been really busy with work, but has spent a lot of time on the water.  This is her rowing in her first singles race.

2016TRC_WmsLtw1x TJH 2

I signed up for a crazy 50 mile race at the end of May in the Jemez Mountains (http://www.highaltitudeathletics.org/JemezMt.htm) so I’ve been putting in a lot of miles.  I’ve been busy with races  – Bandera 100k, Pandora trail marathon, Maze 30k, Tangle 30k, and Paleface trail marathon.

This is me ending my 2nd loop at the Tangle.  That’s the winner passing me to complete his 3rd 10k loop.


The Maze:RogueTrailMaze-2016

Found a new app that lets me import my data.  This is for Paleface this weekend:

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain
05:30:52 05:18:01 25.21 12:37 6:23 2,585.30
hours hours mi. min/mile min/mile ft.

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