Less than a day

Early this morning, I went back to the ski resort to explore the next leg of the race.  This leg is less than 3 miles long, but I will travel it twice.  I was interested in how technical it was since I will be running it after a brutal downhill off of the mountain.  The picture below shows how far I have to drop in the previous leg.  The course starts on top and weaves it’s way down through the different runs – dropping about 1000ft.


This leg turned out to be tame – a little single track and jeep trail with a gentle uphill.  You skirt a deep canyon that leads back to town.


Half of the leg is through a beautiful meadow with a lot of bright blue mountain birds.  I tried to get close enough for a picture, but I guess my hoodie scared them.


The leg ends at a very steep downhill into the caldera.  For those that have done Bandera; think of the steepest part down on Lucky Peak, but for 500ft.  Coincidentally, 3 guys were marking the trail (one of them was the race director) and told me that staying right through the trees offered the slimmest chance of ending up on my head.


Race starts at 5am tomorrow… weather will be wonderful.

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  1. Deb Skelding

    Hey Bro, you’re gonna do great. Since you’re in the alma mater of the Manhatten Project they can rename the trail to the Skelding Project so blow it up 🙂 Be Strong!


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