Jemez kicked my butt

A friend said that it’s a 50, but run like a 100; and he was right. My day was spent, climbing, descending, and more climbing.  The graph below is the output from my watch – there is not a lot of flat on this course.


The weather started out in the low 50’s and since I was gain in elevation as the sun came up, it was a fairly constant temperature.  I pulled off all layers at the top since it warmed up considerably for my 2nd big climb.


This picture is towards the end of the course, but gives you an idea of what the terrain looks like.


For the “stat cats” out there, I linked my Strava results below.  Later in the week, I’ll put together a quick video of the race.

Elapsed Time Moving Time Distance Average Speed Max Speed Elevation Gain
15:58:11 14:25:18 53.90 16:03 6:33 10,786.75
hours hours mi. min/mile min/mile ft.

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