BV Time

It’s time to head back to BV but Preston and I had a 30k the day before. We both did well. I set a new PR for this race and even though Preston hasn’t run a 30k in 6 years, he came in less than 20 minutes behind me.

The next morning Tracy and I left for BV. Since I’m here the entire summer, every space in the truck was packed but Darby still managed to spread out on her bed for the trip.

We did make it to Deerhammer a couple nights for drinks. It’s the shoulder season in BV so a lot of the restaurants are closed and many locals are out of town.

Over Thanksgiving we bought a pass for Mt Princeton Hot Springs and we finally got a chance to try it out. It’s pretty cool to lay in Chalk Creek and feel hot. It was a great day to be outside.

Afterwards we sat on the deck with a drink. Izzy enjoys watching the people walk in the park.

Tracy left on Friday but I had deliveries of new chairs and a new dishwasher. I managed to get it installed without much difficulty.

On Saturday, the dogs and I drove out to Avalanche Trailhead. The trail lived up to it’s name, as the other side of the canyon had experienced two massive slides. The trees that were plowed from the road are stacked 15′ high on the shoulders. We were able to get to the top of the ridge before the snow got too deep- Darby enjoyed rolling in it. They both had a blast, especially when they found the dead frozen squirrel in the snow.

When we got back, I ripped up one of the flower beds and replaced it with some fake turf for the dogs.

Getting ready for BV

This Monday we are heading back to BV. I plan on being there for the summer, but Tracy will be back and forth. This spring has flown by. I’ve been staying active and ran the Tinjas 50k again. I also have the Tangle 30k Sunday.

I ran down to the park to meet Tracy this weekend. It must be a sign of luck having a Cardinal perch on your car because this little guy didn’t want to leave. He danced around on the top of the roof

Today I power washed the pool filters. The blue is a piece of blue plastic that dissolved in the filter. It was everywhere and stained the pool rocks. It took a couple hours but I transferred it all from the pool to me. Meanwhile, Izzy was a sun dog watching me.

This year, I’m running the High Lonesome 100 again. The race director put together a promo spot based on last year’s race. You can see me a few times at the start line.

Spring is coming

It’s been a busy new year. The first weekend was the annual Bandera 100 race. Unfortunately, the venue changed again to Camp Eagle. The loops were similar to Cactus Rose, just 5 miles longer with more climb. It was much harder than Bandera so I finished a little longer than usual.

We’ve had some cold days and Izzy took full advantage of the fireplace.

I got some work done around the house which included sanding and painting the railings

I did a little work around the house which included sanding and painting the railings. We also had the trimmers come and take care of all the trees. It’s pretty crazy how they scale everything to thin out the trees.

We’ve had a lot of rain so our trail trips were less frequent than previous years due to the flooding. Izzy still managed to get her sun in the yard.

I did a little cooking and took inspiration from Tracy’s sister’s veggie chili recipe. I also joined the NAU board foundation and made a quick trip to Phoenix for the first meeting. NAU rented a suite at the Suns stadium. It was nice meeting other alumni, but the Suns lost big.

Our furniture was scheduled to be delivered again in BV the first week of February. We had lunch with our friends, Dave an Jani. Coincidentally, their daughter was working in the doctors office in our building. We also made 3 trips to our favorite watering hole, Deerhammer.

Mid-week, we got a lot of snow and the dogs didn’t know what to think of it.

Our furniture finally made it and I took a picture of it with the drone.

When we got back to Austin the weather was incredible for a few days and we put in some miles at the trail.

We replaced the rug in the living room with one Tracy had ordered to BV

The Holidays

The holidays flew by. We did our yearly jello shots at our neighbors White Elephant party.

The three of us rode our bikes down to the Trail of Lights at Zilker Park.

For the last week, we were at Tracy’s sister’s house. Her dog Tucker is the laziest dog I’ve ever met. He loves to lay on the love seat in all kinds of crazy positions.

He’s actually asleep in the picture below.

On Christmas day, Tracy and her siblings always take a picture holding the Joy pillow.

Last week in BV

Our 2nd week in BV was colder and we got a little snow.

Most of the days were sunny but the mornings were really cold.  We headed up to the mountains for a little hike, but ended up getting the truck stuck and had to be pulled out.

The dogs got lots of walks and the mountain air made them tired.

We visited the local distillery, Deerhammer, often.

The last day there was the BV Chocolate Walk.  We got a scorecard from the community center and walked the dogs all over town collecting stamps on the card and chocolate.  That evening there was a parade that started in front of our house.

The trip home was uneventful, but it still made Izzy tired.

On a sad note, Uncle Ed passed away this week.  He was a very kind person and will be missed.

Edward Benz Obituary

Edward Edward Benz passed away on Monday December 3, 2018 at the age of 92. He will be lovingly remembered by his wife of 71 years Lillian, son Charles, daughter Diana, two grandsons Ryan and Randy and one great grandson Ryan Matthew. Edward was preceded in death by his parents, two sisters and one brother. Edward loved sports and will be deeply missed. According to his wishes cremation has taken place and no services will be held.

Published in Grand Rapids Press on Dec. 9, 2018

Back in BV

The three of us and the dogs drove to BV for the Thanksgiving break.  Preston had the whole week off of school so he had a full 6 days here.  He left this morning on the bus.  We are expecting several delivery of furniture next week so we’ll be here a little longer.

The weather has been awesome and we have been walking the dogs everyday.

We climbed Midland hill earlier in the work.  Darby had a couple adventures chasing deer.

Our neighbors in BV are also from Austin and they took us to an arch that is only a couple 4wd miles from the house.  We climbed up on top and the views were incredible.

The setting sun behind Jim

A short trip to Mexico

We took a short trip to Playa Del Carmen.  The weather was perfect everyday.  We didn’t do much but play in the ocean, sit on the beach, and run the coast.

I tried to be out every morning at sunrise for a run.  Tracy would follow 30 minutes later and meet me up the beach.

We didn’t spend a lot of time in the room, but the view was nice.

Back in Austin

We are back in Austin now, but I wanted to add the last picture of BV – Tracy at the dog park at sunrise.

Saturday night, the 3 of us met some friends at the Planned Parenthood dinner.

Alan and I used to work together at Dell.

Helen is his mom and Cara, his wife.

Isn’t that a group of strong women.

The event honored Cecile Richards who is the outgoing CEO of Planned Parenthood.

A surprise guest was Nancy Pelosi, who introduced Cecile.

Afterwards, in the park next to the hotel, there was a Beto rally that featured a concert by Willy Nelson.  It’s estimated that 10k people showed up.  We were a long ways back, but Tracy managed to get close enough for a zoomed in picture.

Wrapping up the Summer

I’ve been wrapping up the remaining projects before Tracy comes in today.  Our master closet got an upgrade from the container store.  However, their website is really terrible and I ordered the wrong brackets for a shelf.  I called and get the new part number, and those were wrong also.  All that stuff is going back and I’ll just order another shoe shelf.

We have some artwork, but the shipment of frames were cracked.

I’ve perfected my “Campfire Salmon” over the summer.  I think I’ve found the perfect mix of vegetables, spices, and fish.

Darby and Izzy are as cute as ever.  I think they will be excited to get back to Austin, but will miss chasing all the critters here.

Everyday we do a walk along the river.  Both dogs can now be trusted to be off the leash and not get swept away by the river.

This is the view from the above the river on the other side.  Our house is just behind the hotel in the bottom right corner.

8 miles from the house is a section of the Colorado trail that climbs 2,700 ft in just over 3 miles.  I’ve climbed it a lot and have never been able to break the hour mark on the ascent.  Before my race, my best was 1:02.  Yesterday I went out and came up a minute short which really ticked me off.  Today, I went back and did it with 8 seconds to spare.  I also set a new personal record on the descent with just over 34 minutes.  The picture below is my on top looking towards Silver creek and all it’s orange Aspen trees.


Just Stuff

I’ve been the project person the last week.  Between IKEA and Container Store, I’ve been busy.   Our master closet got an upgrade of new shoe shelves and drawers.

The master got a new dresser under the TV.

The same dresser went in the upstairs bedroom.

IKEA was out of the big drawers, but I was able to put half a dresser together.

Yesterday in yoga class, I was told about a half marathon that was sponsoring a few of the local non-profits.  The race started close to where the Cottonwood aid station was on the HL100 and ran through the autumn-colored canyon to the main road heading into town.

There were 214 people in the race and I finished 9 minutes shy of 2 hours and took 48th place.

Afterwards, I was tired and Darby had no issue lounging around with me.